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A Quick SSH Tunnel For Bypassing A Webfilter/Firewall

I was recently traveling in the central part of the U.S. and while using the public WiFi at a local destination I came across a social website that I frequent that was blocked by a webfilter or firewall rule. On my home machine I have OpenVPN running on two different ports: on one port I can create a VPN connection that allows access to my home network and on the other I get the same functionality plus being able to route all traffic across my home network. Unfortunately those ports were blocked at this location. A little research showed that outbound SSH was not blocked so and many higher level ports above 1000 did not seem to be blocked. So I did a few tests and found a combination that worked:

ssh -D 1234 -f -C -q -N me@homemachineip

What this does is create a SOCKS connection on local port 1234, forks the process to the background (freeing our terminal for other use), enable compression, tells SSH to be quiet, and tells SSH no remote command will be sent.

Next step is to tell our web browser to use the SOCKS connection by telling our browser of choice to use a SOCKS proxy on localhost port 1234 for all connections.

To test, do a Google search for “what’s my ip” and you should see that it comes back with your home IP now.

If the firewall blocks SSH there is not much you can do. As a preemptive step I run SSH on a second, alternate port for places that block port 22.

Now you should be free to browse the web as if at home without the local webfilter restrictions!